Lake Toys

Lake Toys

Electric BBQ Boat - 6-8 People

BBQ on the water, how FUN!! Boat can run stably in the offshore, in rivers and lakes will be more stable. Besides, the biggest advantage of this marine propeller is that it uses battery as power, saves trouble, is simple, environmentally friendly, and has less noise. It is a good helper for fishing enthusiasts.

Water Pedal Bike

HAVE FUN IN THE SUN AND GET EXERCISE TOO! The water bike is made of impact resistance, high density, Polyethylene and Aluminum Alloy material. It is comfortable, safe and you can adjust the seat height, easy to handle, pedal forward and backward.

3 Big Wheel Pedal Boat

The water tricycle is made of imported impact resistant, high density, UV resistant polyethylene material that is durable. No training, easy to operate, easy to advance and retreat, it is the first choice for water fitness and recreation. Suitable for two people or a family of three people play in the lake, reservoir, seaside. It is stable, safe, and thrilling when riding the tricycle on water.

Inflatable Aqua water island marine wood look floating dock leisure platform with soft ladder

The perfect platform to enjoy on water. Double layers drop stitch fabric. Anti-slip EVA pad provides you safety all the time. Soft ladder included to help you get on board easily.

Floating Water Mat

Light in weight, easy to carry and non-toxic, environmentally friendly.

Pedal Boat - 4 Person

Convenient to use, rugged, maintenance-free, saves time and effort. The hull is made of FRP, which is dense and durable. Resistant to gasoline, grease, and salt.

Inflatable Electric Motor Bumper Boat

Capacity: 2 adults and 1 child Hot weather in summer makes people almost of all ages want to play in water with family members and friends. This boat is equipped with a Laser gun and Remote Control. Boat can be driven forward, backward, left, and right through steering wheel. It also includes a battery with charger.